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Over 400 free workout videos on Youtube.

New workouts twice a week.

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All features of the FitnessType website:


Over 400 free workout videos on Youtube; you can make your home your own gym by doing one of my many free accessible workouts which you can find on my YouTube channel.

New workouts twice a week; I upload new workouts twice a week on Monday and Wednesday. That’s more than 100 free workouts per year!

Monthly workout calendars; for everyone who supports my efforts of making free workouts, I will provide a easy to follow workout calendar. You can get access to these extra features by become a Patron.

Healthy recipes; recently I started making food videos as well. You can find the how to make videos on Youtube and the recipes are showed on the food page of this website.

VIP Group on Facebook; for everyone who’s doing my workouts there’s a VIP Group on Facebook which you can join. In this group you can support and motive yourself and others. Also you can share your progressions and ask              questions.

Fit lifestyle blogs; On the blog page you can read all about living a healthy life. I write about food, training, workouts, tips and everything that comes with a fit life.