25 Min WALKING WORKOUT For FAT Burning – Low Impact Exercises Only – No Equipment

Duration: 25 Minutes
Intensity: 2/5
Type: Cardio
Equipment: None

This Walking Workout helps you burning fat in a Fun and Effective way. You can easily follow along at home as you will need little space and no equipment is required. This walking workout consists of low impact exercises only, which means it is knee friendly for the most part and there will be no jumping. So if you want to combine a fun workout while burning fat and reaching your weight loss goals, this one is for you.

We will start this workout off slowly and end with a cool down. Please note that there will be no water break in this workout.

Included exercises:
1. Front tap pushes
2. Side step shoulder presses
3. Double side step swings
4. Double front taps
5. Front kicks – side pushes
6. Arm roll march
7. Side step down presses
8. Double side step raises
9. Stepping jacks
10. High knees