25 Minute KNEE FRIENDLY Walking Workout for WEIGHT LOSS – Without Jumping

Duration: 25 Minutes
Intensity: 2/5
Type: Cardio
Equipment: None

Join me in this KNEE FRIENDLY Walking Workout for Weight Loss. It consists of Low Impact exercises only without jumping. It is a very Fun and Energizing workout to follow along and requires no equipment. That makes it a very suitable workout to follow along at your own home.

The workout includes a short water break and stretching at the end to finish it off nicely and relaxed.

Included exercises:
Set 1:
1. March on spot
2. Pulse taps
3. Side steps – side raises
4. Walking front & back
5. Side steps flutters
6. Turn taps
7. Side crunch steps
8. V-steps
9. Double side step kicks
10. Side tap – opener

Set 2
1. Reverse taps & pulses
2. Side step reaches
3. Side kick steps
4. High knee taps
5. Toe tap rows
6. Repeater taps
7. Heel taps – curls
8. Cross over taps
9. Jack steps
10. Boxing steps