HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training. A training for maximum fat burn, increasing metabolism and a boost to your muscles. HIIT workout are very popular. The workout consists of an intense part and a part of rest. You will do some very intense exercises for a short period of time and will then have a short resting period. A perfect workout isn’t it? It really is but with a HIIT workout you can make some great mistakes. I collected the 3 most common mistakes, so you won’t make them!

1.      Start without a warming-up

The first mistake you can make is to start a HIIT workout without doing a proper warm up. Most of the time we just want to start our workout. By a HIIT workout it not a smart thing to do. A warm up will get your blood flow going in your tendons and muscles. So, don’t be too eager to start and do your warm up first!

2.      Overtraining

HIIT is well known as short and intense. A good HIIT workout will for that reason not take very long. The duration of a good HIIT workout is between 10 and 30 minutes. Don’t do HIIT for ours and ours. You will hurt yourself and will get yourself some injuries. A short HIIT will give you the best result. Go all the way for those 10 – 30 minutes and you will see the results! Always workout on your own pace and if you feel any pains then stop immediately. If your new with HIIT workouts you can start with a low impact HIIT and work up to an intense HIIT workout.

3.      Not enough rest

As I said, HIIT workouts are very intense and challenging. A HIIT workout has a very high impact on your body. You will need the rest between the exercises or sets so do not skip them! If you don’t take the rest between sets or exercises you will not recover enough to give all you have in the next round. Peak periods with rest periods is how a HIIT workout is designed. Also, after you finished a HIIT workout your body needs some time to recover. A rest day between HIIT workout is highly recommended. And if you still want to do a workout go for a recovery or low impact workout. Take your rest and your body will thank you!