30 Min CARDIO Workout for FAT LOSS – Intense Low Impact Exercises – Pyramid Style

Duration: 30 Minutes
Intensity: 4/5
Type: Cardio
Equipment: None

This Cardio Workout for Fat Loss takes only 30 minutes and consists of intense low impact exercises. It can be easily followed along at home and requires no equipment at all.

The sets are setup in pyramid style. That means we start we will each exercise for a full minute in the first round, 45 seconds in the second round and finally 30 seconds in the last round. After each set you will get a well deserved water break.

Of course, a short warm up and cool down is included in this Cardio workout.

Included Exercises:
1. High knee taps
2. Side step reaches
3. Jack taps
4. Skater curls
5. Twist punches
6. Up & down taps
7. Heel taps
8. Flutter steps