I don’t have to tell you that enough exercise contributes to good health. But how do you ensure that you still move sufficiently with a busy schedule and full working days? The solution is quite simple: Do a workout during your lunch break! It gives you more than just a few burned calories. Continue reading and find out about 4 reasons to workout during a working day!

1. Decrease your stress level

There are many ways to clear your head and lower your stress level. If you’re smart, use sport to lower your stress level. Do you experience stress through your busy schedule? Then be sure to read on… Choose a workout you like to do! Go for a fun group lesson or a run through nature. During your workout session, the substances serotine and endorphins are released, which give you a happy feeling. With a short workout you can empty your head completely, you lose tension and forget about that busy schedule.

2. Improve your concentration

You have to finish a lot at work, but you can not concentrate? A sport break during your working day ensures that you have more focus and concentration. Your workout increases the concentration of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) in your brain. What increased during the sports session? BDNF … it’s a substance that stimulates the production and growth of brain cells. This substance is present in the part of your brain that, among other things, provides information processing. Mind you, because too often and too intensive workout doesn’t work. Go for a moderately intensive effort. An intensive session may feel better but you do ask a lot of your body.

3. Increase your productivity

Large (and increasingly smaller) companies do not have their own gym for nothing. On days you workout you’re 23 percent more productive than on the days that you don’t do a workout. By doing sports during a working day you therefore do more work in less hours. Which boss is not happy about that? Sports increases the amount of oxygen to your brain and gives a boost to your energy level. So are you often very busy? You don’t remember which task you are going to pick up first? Then use your sportbreak to take a breath, organize your thoughts and relax. Then you can start working full throttle again.

4. Sleep better

You are busy, busy, busy all day long. It’s time to go to sleep and then you are awake. The events of the day pass again and you’re already busy with all the items that are still coming. Sleep mode doesn’t want to come because your heart rate, metabolism and body temperature are too high! Your workout during your working day ensures that you recover at night. And all the better … the deeper your sleep, the better the recovery. Not only from your body but also from your mind. Sleep well and tackle the next day with full energy!

Do you want to perform better on your work and have a better balance between that busy schedule and your workouts? Then use these 4 reasons to workout during a working day to take a break during your day and do a good sports session. Try this quick workout you can do behind your desk or take your colleagues out with you and immediately work on team building!