Working out at home is very useful. You don’t have to leave the door, don’t have to think about which outfit you put on and you can start when whenever you want. Of course there are enough workouts that you can do without equipment, but if you workout out at home more often a few basic tools are handy to have on hand. With the following 5 tools you complete your home gym and you can do any workout you want.

Exercise mat

You can use a exercise mat for many different types of workouts. The most obvious is of course a wonderful yoga session. You can also use your mat properly when doing floor exercises, such as a pilates session and stretching exercises. An abdominal muscle quill is intense but better to do on a soft mat than on the hard ground. A little comfort during your workout is fine! Even if you don’t want to do a workout but just want to come to yourself, your mat is ideal to meditate on.

Set of weights

If you want to do a complete workout in your living room, you want to combine cardio and strength exercises. You can train very well with your own body weight, but if you want to train heavier, than a set of weights is ideal. Choose a weight that you can handle. There are also very handy combination sets for sale. Then you have a block with weights and can vary slightly more. If you train with weights, choose to train more heavily and do fewer repetitions. If you do an exercise with no weights 15 or more repetition, then use weights for 8 to 10 repetition. Guaranteed that you will feel that in your body!

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are increasingly used in various exercises. Just like a set of weights, it is ideal to make the exercises more intensive. Resistance bands are also very useful for a good stretching routine. Resistance bands can often be bought in a handy bag so that you can take them everywhere. The bands you get in a set vary from a light resistance to a heavy resistance. Depending on the exercise you do, you can adjust the resistance. If you want to build up slowly, resistance bands are a very useful tool.

Workout bench

It does not have to be a professional bench. A simple training bench is very useful to have in your home gym. You can use the bench for your cardio, a fun exercise is a variation on box jumps. Step on the bench with 1 foot, adjust your foot and get off again. Or go for mega intense and jump with both feet on your bench at the same time. The bench is also indispensable for strength exercises. With sitting exercises you have a good back support and you prevent yourself from leaning in your back and getting injured.

Ankle weights

When exercises become too easy, you can easily increase the exercise by putting a little extra weight on yourself. With ankle weights, which can also often be used for your wrists, you can make exercises heavier so that the exercise has more effect.

With these 5 must have tools for your home gym your are all set and ready for some great home workouts. Find your favorite workout on my YouTube channel!