Making a healthy lifestyle accessible to everyone.

Living a healthy lifestyle can be a complex thing. With FitnessType I try to give you the tools to create healthy habits. On the YouTube channel there are over 550 free workouts. And besides that, on this website you can find healthy recipes, tips and blogs to live a healthy live.

I love to help people by feeling confident with there body, become fit, loose some weight of any other health goal.

About me: I was very young when I started doing sports. At the age of 5 I started with gymnastics what I have done at a reasonably high level. When I was about 10 years old I got asthma and I could not train for a while. I lost the fun in training and decided to quit gymnastics.

In the years that followed I did a lot of different sports. From break- to jazz dance, kickboxing and fitness.
I liked fitness so much that I started teaching.
In addition to the indoor sports I also enjoy running and mountain biking.
Last year I started bouldering and indoor climbing.

As you can read, I am very passionate about doing sports! I like to be active and try new things. But most of all, I like to make others enthusiastic about sports.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me

∼ Marischa ∼

Marischa - FitnessType