Join me in this Body Weight only workout to tone and strengthen your muscles. This also helps with weight loss by keeping your metabolism in check. This helps long term fat burning. The exercises are mostly knee friendly and have a low impact on your tendons and joints.


Join me in this Cardio Workout for Beginners that is fun and consists of low impact exercises only. That means no jumping and that each exercise is designed to have a minimal impact on your tendons and joints. Moreover, the exercises will improve your cardiovascular condition and burn fat. So yes, this workout helps with losing weight.

Come Back Workout Program

Sometimes we loose track on our fitness routine. The reason why can be everything from a well deserved holiday break to an injury we never asked for. Whatever the reason is, it s nothing to worry about. Just pick up again and see what you can do!

30 Min STRONG UPPER BODY & Abs Workout for Women at Home – With Dumbbells

Tone and strengthen your UPPER body and ABS with this effective workout. You can easily follow along at home and only need weights like dumbbells or water bottles. Pick a weight that is challenging for you but still allows good form of the exercise. The exercises in this workout will help you to get a better muscle tone and keep your metabolism in check when you are losing weight. So this indirectly helps with consistent fat loss.

Dealing with fitness setbacks – illness & injuries

Life is not always easy and everyone faces challenges and setbacks. I noticed that myself a while back. Not being able to do the workouts you normally do can be very annoying. Mentally it can be difficult but also physically you may be afraid of going backwards too fast. But don’t be afraid, because even if you are ill or have to recover from an injury, you can work on your fitness. In this blog I wrote down 4 helpfull tips on for dealing with fitness setbacks due to illness & injuries.