Does it make sense if you do a workout for only 5 minutes? Only changing clothes takes already that time! Do you have doubts about the effect of short workouts? Than read more because there are some benefits of 5 minute workouts.

When you thought a 5-minute workout didn’t help, you’re wrong! Of course it’s better to move around each day for at least 30 minutes. You can read some tips to be more active here. But that does not mean that if you do shorter workouts, which have a high intensity, they have no effect. 5 minute workouts do really help you to become fit!

Exercising regularly is good for your body. Whether it’s about losing weight, feeling better, having more energy or to have more self-confidence. What does science say about short workouts?

Science about short workouts

study by the University of Utah shows that every little workout you do throughout the day helps! Every minute where you increase your heart rate through some kind of cardio or strength training, have an effect. The women who did short, so-called ‘ short burst high intensity’ workouts on a daily base reduced their BMI compared to the control group that didn’t. The results to men were similar. The idea behind the 5-minute workouts is to increase your intensity and focus on it, instead of focusing on the duration of your workouts.

I think 5-minute or short workouts are ideal when you have limited time. Make it a habit for yourself to do an activity every day. Start your day by doing a morning workout, take your time when the children are sleeping or if you are coming home from work.

Short workouts to try

Every Wednesday I publish a short 10-minute workout on my YouTube channel FitnessType. You can also find several 5-minute, 8-minute or even 12-minute workouts. Check out the ‘10 Minute Workouts – Short but Effective’ playlist. So, if anyone says to you short workouts don’t count, you know better now!