Everyone has their own preference time when it comes to sports. One goes early in the morning, while the other does the workout in the evening after a light meal. But what is the best time to do your workout?

Weight loss

If you want to lose weight, it’s best to exercise in the morning. Research has shown that 45 minutes of sport makes you less hungry, stimulates the burning of fats and is therefore a good time when you want to lose weight. Early exercise is not just for everyone. Your body is often not completely awake for a strong effort. Your body temperature is low, the heart and lung system are not yet working optimally, the muscles are somewhat stiff and the energy supply is limited. Always make sure that you warm up well before you start doing your workout.

Become stronger

But what if you want to become stronger? Then the late afternoon or evening is the perfect time to exercise. You have the most energy between 2 o’clock in the afternoon and 6 o’clock in the evening. At this time the production of the hormone testosterone reacts best. And when you have had a nutritious lunch, your body will recover very well at this time.

become stronger - best time to do your workout

Improve performance

Do you want to improve your performance? Then the time of exercise is not important, but it’s important that the workout takes place at the same time every day. Also ensure healthy living and eating habits, adequate sleep, live regularly to get the best results.

So, there’s something to say for doing work in the morning as well as in the afternoons as in the evening. It will depend mainly on you and your goals which time is best. A frequently heard advice is that the best time is determined by your personal schedule and lifestyle and that you can choose the best time that you know you can hold on to. And by the end that gives you the best results! Conclusion: the best time to do your workout is the time that suits you best and that allows you to train regularly and seriously.