Congratulations! Finding this page if the first important step to a fitter you! The FitnessType’s Boost Your Fitness Program is everything you need to kick start your New Year’s fitness journey. And it’s completely free to join!

The following banner shows what this program is about in a nutshell 🙂

To join this Boost your Fitness program you only have to subscribe to my YouTube channel right here!

We are starting together on January 1st with the first workout. And don’t worry! Every workout we do is low impact, that means we won’t do extreme jumping exercises but you will definitely feel you worked out! This program is a great start for everyone who wants to kick start their fitness journey in 2021.

The program length is 4 weeks and we will do 4 workouts each week. Every Saturday we will do a live workout together with the whole FitnessType community.

Click here to download the program! You can see which workouts will be released on what day during the month. As said earlier, each Saturday we will do a Live workout together.

In addition to the workouts I will post information about nutrition and general health in the community to keep you going and motivated!

Let’s do this! Subscribe now!