25 Min BOOTY and LEGS Workout – Butt (Booty) And Thighs Exercises At Home – With Ankle Weights

Duration: 25 Minutes
Intensity: 4/5
Type: Toning
Equipment: Ankle Weights, Exercise Mat

Strengthen and Tone your booty and legs with this effective workout. Taking only 25 minutes this workout will give you a great burn. The exercises will help you to tone and sculpt your muscles but won’t make you bulky. No equipment is required to follow along but ankle weights will make it more effective. You also might need an exercise mat.

The workout consists of two sets of 10 minutes, resulting in a 2×10-minute workout. We will end the workout with some minor stretching.

Included exercises:
1. Leg extensions
2. Scissors
3. Kickbacks – L
4. Kickbacks – R
5. Hamstring curls – L
6. Hamstring curls – R
7. Cross overs – L
8. Cross overs – R
9. Side leg lifts – L
10. Side leg lifts – R