20 Min BOOTY, LEGS and HIPS Workout – with Ankle Weights

Duration: 20 Minutes
Intensity: 3/5
Type: Toning
Equipment: Ankle Weights, Exercise Mat

Join me in this Booty, Legs and Hips workout that can be followed along with Ankle Weights. You can also follow along without ankle weights, so don’t worry. This workout will help you tone and strengthen the muscle groups and it takes only 20 minutes to complete. We start off with a short warm up and end with some stretching. Halfway during the main part of this workout, you will get a short water break.

Included exercises:
Set 1
1. Side leg lifts
2. Side lift pulses
Set 2
1. Hamstring curls
2. Reverse leg lifts
Set 3
1. Outer thigh lifts
2. Inner thigh lifts
Set 4
1. Kick ups
2. In/out lift taps