25 Min HIIT Workout for FAT LOSS – Low Impact HIIT Only

Follow me along at home in this HIIT Workout for Fat Loss. It will challenge you but at the same time has a low impact on your tendons and joints. This makes it less likely that you get injured or get overuse pains. Be sure to keep a correct form and go with a pace that challenges you, but at the same time allows you to keep a good form.

25 Min CARDIO WALKING Workout for Weight Loss – With Marischa

Join me in this Cardio Walking Workout for Weight Loss. It’s very effective and fun at the same time. No equipment is required so you can easily follow this workout at home. All the walking exercises are low impact, meaning they have a very limited impact on your tendons and joints. This decreases the chances of overuse injury over time. So, this walking workout also helps in preventing injuries.