30 Minute Standing Pilates Workout – Fun Toning and Stretching Exercises – Standing Exercises Only

This Standing Pilates Workout is a lot of fun and challenging at the same time. It will challenge your balance, increases your endurance and helps you stretch your muscles all at the same time. The workout consists of 5 standing Pilates exercises and 5 standing stretching exercises. Halfway through the workout you will get, as always, a short but well deserved water break.

30 Minute Pilates Workout at Home – Stretching and Toning Exercises for Full Body – Follow Along

This Pilates Workout at Home is fun to follow along and helps with stretching and toning your muscles. It consists of floor exercises only, so depending on your type of floor you might need an exercise mat to follow along at your own home. This workout is ideal to do before or after other workouts.

The workout includes a short warming up and cooling down and you will also get a short water break halfway through this workout.