Come Back Workout Program

Sometimes we loose track on our fitness routine. The reason why can be everything from a well deserved holiday break to an injury we never asked for. Whatever the reason is, it s nothing to worry about. Just pick up again and see what you can do!

This Come Back Workout Program is made for everyone who wants to start over again. During the 5 weeks of this program you will start with some easy to follow and adjustable workouts. During the weeks the workouts become more intense and by the end of the 5 weeks you are doing a 40 minute full body workout!

Like every program I create this one also inlcudes the workouts that are available on my YouTube channel and is only $3,99 (free for Patreon members). You can buy this clickable PDF program by clicking on the button below. After you paid, you can immediately download the plan.

Make sure you also read the blog I wrote about dealing with fitness setbacks.