Complete Workout Programs

Below you'll find effective and ready-made workout programs. I will make new workout programs regularly, but if you have any suggestion or comments please let me know! Enjoy! Marischa

4-Week Butt Program

Lift your butt and slim your thighs with this effective 4-week butt program.

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4-Week Advanced Fat Loss Program

Burn calories fast with this advanced Fat Loss program. Not for the faint hearted!

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4-Week Beginners Program

Just starting out or recovering from injury? Then this workout program is for you!

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4-Week Full Body Toning Program

Increase strength, lose fat and get better toning in overall with this 4-week toning program.

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4-Week Abs - Core Program

Increase the strength of your abs and core, and lose belly fat by following this program.

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4-Week Intermediate Fat Loss Program

Burn calories and fat with this effective combination of cardio and strength!

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