15 Minute CORE Workout At HOME – Abs, Obliques and Lower Back Workout Routine

Duration: 15 Minutes
Intensity: 2/5
Type: Toning
Equipment: Exercise Mat

Get moving and improve your CORE strength with this fun and effective workout. It targets all the muscles in your core including the general abs, obliques and your lower back. This workout will challenge you and give you a good burn. But remind you, having a strong core helps a lot of small back pains and helps in keeping injuries away.

This workout requires only an exercise mat or soft floor and has no water breaks. You will be done in just 15 minutes.

Included exercises:
1. Torso twists
2. Wave bend steps
3. Hammer rolls
4. Hip rotations
5. Hip lifts
6. Leg drops
7. Crunch pulses
8. Roll ups
9. Russian twists
10. Table tucks
11. Table crunches
12. Plank
13. Cobra stretch
14. Side bend stretch
15. Torso twist stretch