40 Minute Full Body Cardio and Strength Workout – Low Impact Exercises – With Dumbbells

Duration: 40 Minutes
Intensity: 5/5
Type: Cardio, Strength
Equipment: Heavy Dumbbells, Exercise Mat

Follow me along in this Full Body Cardio and Strength Workout. It targets your total body and you will get that feeling you had a proper workout after finishing this one. It consists of low impact exercises only that are performed in Tabata style. For this workout you will need some kind of light weights like dumbbells and an exercise mat.

Each exercise will be performed for 20 seconds on – 10 seconds off. We will start this workout with a short warm up and end with a cool down. Halfway through the workout you will get a short water break to get ready for the second round.

Included exercises:
Set 1
1. Side steps
2. Squats – calf & front raises
Set 2
1. Knee taps – twist pushes
2. Lunges – overhead raises
Set 3
1. Cross over taps
2. Dumbbell swings
Set 4
1. Fast dribbles
2. Sumo squats – biceps curls
Set 5
1. Skaters
2. Push ups – rows
Set 6
1. Windmill raises
2. Hip pushes – shoulder presses
Set 7
1. High knee twists
2. Sit ups – triceps extensions
Set 8
1. Low side steps
2. Single leg hip push – biceps curls