30 Minute Full Body STANDING PILATES Workout for Toning Up – No Equipment

Duration: 30 Minutes
Intensity: 2/5
Type: Pilates
Equipment: None

Tone your full body with this Standing Pilates workout designed to give your muscles a good and nice tone. No equipment is required for the Pilates exercises so this one can be easily followed along at home.

We will start this workout with a short warm up and end with some minor stretching. Halfway through you will get a short but well-deserved water break.

Included exercises:
1. Balance arm circles
2. Bend over reverse pulses
3. Low sit heel raises
4. Balance leg lift flutters
5. Low sit side bends
6. Balance reverse lifts
7. Leg lift twist taps
8. Half arm circles
9. Half squat raise ups
10. Windmill core twists