30 Min FULL BODY Strength Workout with DUMBBELLS

Duration: 30 Minutes
Intensity: 4/5
Type: Strength
Equipment: Heavy Dumbbells

Follow me along at home in this Full Body Strength Workout. You can use some kind of weights like dumbbells or water bottles. Be sure to pick a weight that challenges you but still allows to keep good form throughout the whole workout. Never give in on form or you might be injured. The strength exercises in this workout will target your total body and will give you a good feeling once completed.

This workout includes a warming up and cooling down, but also a short water break halfway through the workout.

Included exercises:
1. Alt. front rows
2. Back extensions sumo squats
3. Side bends
4. Biceps curls lunges
5. One leg deadlift presses
6. High knee extensions
7. Reverse fly deadlifts
8. Front raise squats
9. Core twists
10. Hammer curls cross lunges