FULL BODY Strength Workout with DUMBBELLS – No Repeat

Duration: 30 Minutes
Intensity: 5/5
Type: Strength
Equipment: Light Dumbbells, Heavy Dumbbells, Exercise Mat, Bench

Join me today with this Full Body Strength Workout with Dumbbells. Is has no repeating exercises and will help you tone and strengthen your muscles. It takes about 30 minutes to complete, and you will need weights like dumbbells. I even use 2 different sets of dumbbells during the workout: A light set and a bit heavier set. But you can choose what you like of course.

As always, this workout includes a short warm up and cool down. During the workout you will get 2 short water breaks before going to the next set of exercises.

Included exercises:

Set 1: Lower Body
1. Single leg deadlifts
2. Squat pulses
3. Deadlift to squat
4. Elevated lunges (L)
5. Elevated lunges (R)
6. Hip pushes

Set 2: Upper Body
1. Biceps curls
2. Alternating Y- flys
3. Weighted jabs
4. Triceps kickback holds
5. Side raises
6. Wrist rotations

Set 3: Core
1. Roll ups
2. Upward plank
3. Twist crunches
4. Side bends
5. Side planks
6. Plank