Get fit with walking!

Walking is back and is completely hip to do again. It’s not without a reason that walking workouts are in the sport trend lists of 2023. I already knew that walking is good for you, of course, and that’s why I have nice walking workouts for you on my YouTube channel. These walking workouts are ideal to do at home. But walking outdoors is also a very healthy activity to do, both for your physical and mental health. In this blog article I share some of my tips for getting fit with walking.

Start slow

Start walking with an easy block around the house before heading out for a half day hike. Go for a 15 minute walk in the morning to wake up without being in a hurry right a way. Sometimes a good walk is better than an intense workout in the morning, because it’s less intense for your muscles, tendons and joints and therefore ideal for almost everyone.

Listen to what you like

You can get fit with walking and enjoy your favorite book, podcast or music. Walking alone can be boring but when you combine it with something you like it’s not that bad. So, if you don’t like walking in general, start slow and listen to what you like and those kilometers/miles are adding real fast. My advice, when you go for a walk in nature, listen to the sounds of it. It is calming and helps with grounding and clearing your mind.

Change directions

Walking the same route over and over again is so boring and isn’t doing any good for your motivation to go for a walk. So, change directions! Try to explore new ways even if is around your own home. And in the weekends or when you’re having a day off go to a different location to do a nice walk. There are so many routes available in different apps or ask the local tourist information office.

Keep track of your steps

Keeping track of your steps can be very motivating. When you want to get fit with walking and you start slow, maybe you go for a walk around the house two times a week.But after a while you go three times and than you do a different round and before you know you don’t remeber how you started. We happen to be people who look forward most of the time, to what we haven’t achieved yet. But we often forget to remember where we come from and how we started. If you keep track of your steps have a clear view on your progress and it give you the oppurtunity to celebrate. Celebrate the first time you hit the 15 minute walk or the 5 kilometer or the first longer hike in nature. One side note: don’t use the tracker for obsession. You hear a lot about the 10.000 steps a day, forget about that. It’s all about having a healthy and active lifestyle and somedays it’s fine to be a coach potato.

So if you want to get fit with walking, put on your walking shoes and go outside usingmy tips;

  • Start slow
  • Listen to what you like
  • Change directions
  • Keep track of your steps

And if you rather stay indoors due to cold, rainy or too hot weather you can always use my free at home walking workouts.