20 Min HAPPY and HEALTHY CARDIO Workout 😄 – Instant Happiness Exercises Only! 😂

Duration: 20 Minutes
Intensity: 3/5
Type: Cardio
Equipment: None

This workout will make you feel Happy and Healthy within 20 minutes. It consists of low impact exercises that all will give you a little or big smile on your face. This cardio workout is fun to do and can be easily followed along at home. No equipment is required.

We will start the workout slowly. It includes no water break so this will be one no repeating set of exercises. At the end of the workout we will do some minor stretching.

Included exercises:
1. Side step openers
2. Elbow pump steps
3. Crawl steps
4. Leg pop twists
5. Box up speed march
6. Side steps
7. Hip swings
8. Country grapevines
9. Head – shoulder – knee bounce
10. Night fever pulses