HAPPY CARDIO Workout without Jumping – Beginner Cardio Exercises – Low Impact Only

Duration: 30 Minutes
Intensity: 2/5
Type: Cardio
Equipment: None

Join me in this Happy Cardio Workout without jumping. This FUN and ENERGIZING workout will make your day great and is easy to follow along at home. It consists of low impact exercises only, so the impact will be minimal on your tendons and joints. Furthermore, no equipment is required to follow along.

As always, it includes warm up and cool down. And halfway through you will get a short but well-deserved water break.

Included exercises:
1. Arm swing taps
2. Push it up & down
3. Side step openers
4. Figure 8 heel taps
5. Egyptian taps
6. Toe tap arm circles
7. Crab step rotations
8. Hip push twists
9. Circle steps
10. Twisters