Who doesn’t love ice cream? I’m a big fan but definitely not a fan of the calories in it. So, when it’s summer and the temperature is rising I love to have a cold snack to cool myself down a little. That’s why I want to share some healthy summer snacks with you. These summer snacks are healthy and don’t have lots of calories!

Banana cubes

If you’re a fan of bananas, then you would die for these banana cubes. They’re so easy to make. You just need 4 ingredients, which are;

  • 3 big bananas
  • 2 spoons raw cacao nibs
  • 2 spoons peanut butter
  • Glass of water

How to make it

To make these banana cubes you must cut the bananas into slices. Then you’ll have to freeze these banana slices for 30 minutes. When the slices are cold and a little frozen you mix the bananas with the cacao nibs and peanut butter. You can add a glass of water for a better mix. For mixing the ingredients you can use a blender. Now the mixture is ready to use! Fil up the silicon form with the banana mixture and put it back into the freezer. Now you must wait. And waiting takes a long time because it must be in the freezer for at least 2 hours before the cubes are ready to eat!

Because this healthy summer snack only consists of good ingredients you don’t have to worry about the calories you will be eating.

Small tip: You can also put little sticks into the mixture before placing it in the freezer. You will have cute lollypop banana cubes.

Healthy summer snacks - banana cubes
banana cubes


Berry Bites

The berry bites are also very easy to make. Waiting till they’re frozen is the hardest part! For these berries bites you can use all kind of berries. This time I used just some blueberries and strawberries.

How to make it

The process of making the berry bites is largely the same as the process of making the banana cubes. You just must cut the berries into very small pieces. The next step is mix the berries trough the cottage cheese. I added 1 spoon sweetener just to make it sweeter. Stir all the ingredients well together and put it into the form. Place the form back in the freezer for at least 2 hours till the berry bites are completely frozen.

Healthy summer snacks - berry bites
berry bites


Watch the video.

As you can see these summer snacks are very healthy so enjoy!

Let me know if you enjoyed these healthy summer snacks by leaving a comment below.