With this 4 week HIIT Cardio Program you will become the fittest version of yourself! All workouts are low impact. The workouts are very friendly for your tendons and joints, because the are no jumping exercises in it. You will be doing a different workout 5 times a week. I added some rest or active recovery days because of the intensity of HIIT workouts.

The program consists of different types of workouts. From regular workouts to workouts in pyramid or Tabata style. The duration of the workouts vary from 25 to 40 minutes.

Like all my other programs, I designed this program with care. You will be doing a lot of alternating exercises and workouts.

The program comes as a clickable PDF file. Reuse it anytime you want and by a single click on the image. You will be directed to that specific workout on my YouTube channel FitnessType.

For just $3,99 this HIIT Cardio Program – low impact is yours by clicking on the button belowBuy this program now and start! Or become a Patron and support my efforts on creating free online workouts. You will get access to all workout programs and other benefits.

After you paid you will receive an email with the workout program within 24 hours.

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