HIIT Workout No Jumping – 30 Min Low Impact HIIT Exercises – No Equipment

Duration: 30 Minutes
Intensity: 5/5
Type: Cardio
Equipment: None

This HIIT Workout has no jumping exercises and consists of low impact exercises only. It will challenge you so don’t be fooled by the idea that low impact means the HIIT exercises won’t be challenging.

The workout consists of two different sets of HIIT exercises. We will start of with a warmup and end with a short cool down. Halfway you will get a short but well-deserved water break.

Included exercises:
Set 1
1. High knees
2. Reverse fly taps
Set 2
1. Wide tap punch ups
2. Floor tap twists
Set 3
1. Pendulum swings
2. Low tap curl swings
Set 4
1. Cross pull steps
2. Floor tap knee lifts
Set 5
1. Hammer jacks
2. Squat press steps
Set 6
1. Butt kick jabs
2. Arm roll shuffles