Vacation is coming, and you did everything to get in shape. But how can you stay fit during your vacation? It’s not that difficult. In this blog I share my personal ‘stay fit during vacation tips’.

1. Use the resort facilities

Are you staying in a luxury resort? Awesome! Everything is arranged there for you. You can spend the day relaxing at the pool, eat and drink what you want and enjoy your time off. But you didn’t book an all-inclusive just to eat yourself completely full these days, did you? Make proper use of all resort facilities. Take yourself into the gym at least once during your stay. In the mornings it’s usually quiet and you can do your workout without being disturbed. And after your workout, you will definitely choose the healthy options at the breakfast buffet! However, most resorts have more to offer than just the gym. The entertainment team isn’t just for the little ones. Jump into the pool and join that aqua aerobics class! With a lesson of half an hour you quickly burn about 200 calories.

2. Don’t go to the beach just for a nice tan

A vacation on a beach at a sunny destination is an perfect way to recover from a year of hard work. You will get your bikini out of your suitcase after arrival and then plop down on the beach bed. You don’t have the intention to come off for the rest of your stay! However, there’re a lot more fun things to do near the beach. If you want a little bit of exercise but don’t feel like sweating a lot. Then go for a long walk along the water. Especially at sunrise and sunset it’s wonderful to do. It’s less warm at these times of the day and it also gives you the opportunity to take few beautiful photos. Yoga classes are offered daily on most of the beaches these days. You often can take a lesson for a small contribution. If you are more interested in something more active, take surf lessons. You are active, you learn something new and that tan you want comes in natural way!

3. Pay money for a hop-on bus trough the city

In most large and tourist cities you can see the hop-on busses passing by. You can buy a ticket for one or more days and you are driven along the highlights of the city. You can hop on and of whenever you want. It’s a nice and easy way to discover the city right? You can also discover most of the cities in a more fun and active way. Rent a bike and get on! If you go by bike through the city you often see a lot more. You also see places which you wouldn’t see if you go by bus. You get a much more complete picture of the city and can easily get in contact with the locals. Bike at your own pace and take a break when you feel like it. Tip: do some grocery shopping, fill your picnic basket or backpack and go for a lunch in a nice park that you encounter during your bike tour. In that way you can have a cozy and healthy lunch and you don’t have to resist the temptations of the extensive menus at the restaurants.

4. Hike up those beautiful mountains

If you spend your holiday in an area with a lot of nature, it’s more likely that you’re more active. But also, during a holiday in the mountains or beautiful nature reserves there are reasons why you shouldn’t be active. Almost every mountain peak can be reached by a train or cable car. It’s an easy way to reach the top. You can walk around and enjoy the views. You might even take a selfie to proudly show your friends that you’re on top. Believe me, you will gain more satisfaction if you choose to go up on your own effort. Put on your sportswear and hike up that mountain! Enjoy all the beautiful views and take a cooling dip in one of the mountain lakes that you encounter. Enjoy the freedom of nature! If you arrive at the top after a few hours of walking, you have had a great workout. Reward yourself by taking the train or the cable car down!

fit vacation

As you can read, there are plenty of opportunities to stay fit during your vacation. Choose a fun activity during the day, do not over-eat yourself every day and you will see that you can stay fit!