25 Min Indoor WALKING WORKOUT For FAT Burning – Low Impact Only – No Jumping

<b>Duration:</b> 25 Minutes <b>Intensity:</b> 2/5 <b>Type:</b> Cardio <b>Equipment:</b> None Walk along and start burning Fat with this fun and effective workout. It consists of low impact exercises only. This means it is mostly knee friendly and has no jumping exercises at all. This walking workout can be easily followed along at home and no equipment is required. We will start the workout slowly so you can warmup. Of course we will end the workout with a cool down. Each exercise will be performed for 60 seconds without a rest before going to the next one. Also, there will be no water breaks. Included exercises: Set 1 1. Side steps 2. Cross over taps 3. Double side steps openers 4. Heel & toe taps 5. Wide tap circles Set 2 1. Double side step reaches 2. High knee jabs 3. March walk 4. Reverse taps 5. Step over