Low Impact Workout Series 1 – Day 2 – Tabata Workout For Beginners with Warming Up and Cooling Down


A Low Impact Tabata Workout for Beginners including a warming up and a cooling down. This 20 minute workout is a complete workout for your entire body. Use your own pace during this routine and be sure to push yourself. Each exercise is designed to have a low impact on your body, so your tendons and joints will not be stressed that much.

This is day 2 out of 3 for the first Low Impact Workout Series. Please let me know what you think of such a workout series. If you have any comments or ideas please drop a comment. Thank you!


tabata, low impact, warming up, cooling down, beginners, series, program, stretching, cardio, strength

–Calories burned–



thighs, butt, glutes, abs, lower abs, quadriceps, core, back, obliques

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