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30 Min STEPS Workout for WEIGHT LOSS and TONING – With Weights

October 24, 2022
Join me in this Steps workout that has effective toning exercises that helps with weight loss and keeping your metabolism…


October 19, 2022
Join me in this Body Weight only workout to tone and strengthen your muscles. This also helps with weight loss…


October 17, 2022
Join me in this Cardio Workout for Beginners that is fun and consists of low impact exercises only. That means…

15 Minute CORE Workout At HOME – Abs, Obliques and Lower Back Workout Routine

October 12, 2022
Get moving and improve your CORE strength with this fun and effective workout. It targets all the muscles in your…

30 Min STRONG UPPER BODY & Abs Workout for Women at Home – With Dumbbells

October 10, 2022
Tone and strengthen your UPPER body and ABS with this effective workout. You can easily follow along at home and…

25 Min WALKING WORKOUT for Body Sculpting – Walking exercises with Weights – With Marischa

October 5, 2022
Tag along in this Walking Workout designed for Body Sculpting. It is a fun walking workout that includes exercises with…

30 Min Tabata HIIT Workout for FAT LOSS – Low Impact Only – With Marischa

October 3, 2022
Tag along in this HIIT Workout for Fat Loss that is fun and effective at the same time. It consists…

15 Minute Posture Correction and Strengthening Workout

September 28, 2022
Improve your posture and strengthen your back with this short but effective workout. It takes only 15 minutes. This workout…

30 Min CARDIO Workout for BEGINNERS – Low impact Exercises – No Repeating Exercises

September 26, 2022
Tag along in this Cardio Workout for beginners. It consists of low impact exercises only, so no jumping here. All…