30 Minute Lower Body Sculpting Workout – With Kettlebell

Duration: 30 Minutes
Intensity: 4/5
Type: Strength
Equipment: Kettlebell, Exercise Mat

Follow me along at home in this Sculpting Workout for your Lower Body. It will help you strengthen your lower body and get a better toning and sculpting. For the exercises to be most effective you will need a kettlebell. You will also need an exercise mat or a soft floor to lay on 😊.

This workout includes a warming up and cooling down, but also a short water break halfway through the workout.

Included exercises:
1. Curtsy lunges
2. Wiggle sumo squats
3. High knee lunges – L
4. High knee lunges – R
5. Deadlifts
6. Glute bridges
7. Thigh drops
8. Side leg lifts – L
9. Side leg lifts – R
10. Kickback pulses