Eating healthier, spending less time in the kitchen and saving money? Meal prepping is the answer! Most of you are very busy in your day-to-day lives. It can sometimes be hard to prepare all your meals for the day. Meal prepping can be the solution! Without a meal prep, you increase your chances of eating junk food or no food at all because you skip it. Start with a meal prep for 1 day and build it up to a meal prep for multiple days or even a week.

By prepping your meals for a day at work or school, or maybe even when you’re at home you will eat healthier. You can prep in the morning or even the night before. I made a video in which I do a meal prep for 1 day.

Always start the day with a good breakfast. If you have little time in the morning, you can also make your breakfast a day in advance. For example, by making overnight oats. I always make sure that I eat 2 snacks next to the main meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner. This way you avoid eating unhealthy food during the day. You also keep your energy levels up to standard.

For the meal prep in the video you need the following ingredients;

meal prep ingredients

Snack 1: Carrots with hummus

  • 2 table spoons hummus
  • 150 grams small carrots

Lunch: Cottage cheese with granola

  • 250 grams cottage cheese
  • 2 table spoons granola
  • 1 table spoon seeds & nuts mix
  • Honey

Snack 2:  Apple with nuts

  • 1 big apple
  • A little handful of nuts
meal prep for work and school

Fill up the containers with these ingredients and you’re ready for a day at school or work!