An important part of a healthy lifestyle is rest. You can’t go on and on without relaxing now and then. Life is stressful! We have a lot of responsibilities and everything goes super-fast. In this blog I share 7 relaxation tips that improves your mental health.

#1 Spoil yourself

Create me-time to spoil yourself! Take a warm bath or simple give yourself a manicure or facial mask. Unwind from all the hurries from daily live. You deserve it! When you’re always busy working and carrying for others, don’t forget to carry for yourself.

relaxation tips

#2 Listen to relaxing music

Music is a real mood influencer. No matter in what mood you’re, music can help! When you’re very busy and stressed turn om relaxing music. The music will calm you down. Of course the kind of music that works relaxing can be different for everyone. For me the country songs of Alan Jackson and the ballads from Josh Groban are very helpful.

#3 Pick up a book

Most of the time I only read books when I’m on vacation. But when I start reading I get caught and can’t stop reading anymore. When reading books your mind won’t think on anything else than the story you’re now part of. So my tip, pick up a book more often!

#4 Call up a good friend

Catch up with a good friend and don’t talk about work or things you worry about. Just have a little chat and have fun and laugh. Laughing a few minutes a day is very positive for your mind.

#5 Meditate

Focus on your breathing, unwind and de-stress. You don’t have to be an expert to meditate. You also don’t have to do a long meditation session. Sit down for a couple of minutes. Don’t think on anything else than your breathing. Slowly breath in and out and calm down.

#6 Be creative

Find yourself a hobby that activates your creativity. It can be anything, from doing a puzzle to do some DIY items. Back in the days when I was younger and had more spare time I loved drawing and painting. I love to be creative. Last year I tried some woodburning and when you’re in to a project it’s very relaxing.

relaxation tips

#7 Create a cozy room

A clean and organized home, or at least one clean and organized room helps to de-stress. When coming home from a chaotic day at the office or all other appointments, it’s nice to come into a cozy environment. So clean up, buy some cushions, burn candles and make you home comfortable for yourself.