30 Minute STANDING PILATES Workout – Fun and Effective Toning & Stretching Exercises

Duration: 30 Minutes
Intensity: 2/5
Type: Pilates
Equipment: None

Join me in this Standing Pilates workout that is fun to follow along and helps in toning your muscles. The exercises are all low impact and may also challenge your balance a bit. The workout takes about 30 minutes in total and includes a warmup and a bit of stretching at the end. Halfway through the workout you will get a short water break.

Included exercises:
1. Plie squat – arm raises
2. Balance torso twists
3. Leg lifts
4. Wave bends
5. Knee lift – arm openers
6. Heel raise reaches
7. Pull back pulses
8. Curl extensions
9. Wide lunges
10. Balance leg extensions