Are you done with the jo-jo effect? Stop diets and start a healthy lifestyle with this anti-diet guideline. If will share some easy and applicable tips to help you on your way to the journey of your fit and healthy lifestyle. I’ve tried all sorts of diets year after year. Too little food, low-carbohydrate, crazy pills and shakes. I saw some results, but it was always for the short-term. Losing weight by going on a diet isn’t working for the long-term. It took me a while to figure that out and now I will never do a diet again! There’re plenty of other ways, healthy ways to lose weight, to keep your weight or to gain weight if that’s your goal. The transition from diets to a healthy lifestyle and how you can approach this. That’s why I thought it would be good to bring clarity to that today. To ensure that you too can build your own healthy lifestyle!

Go for a long-term strategy

What do we have to do in the short time? Nothing at all! Because as I mentioned the results you get from a short-term solution are temporary. It’s a shame to waist your time and effort on something that don’t last very long. Because that’s what’s happening with diets. You put time and effort in it, but ultimately do not achieve what you really want because it can’t be sustained. When you want to go for a healthy lifestyle you must ask yourself some questions like; Can I do this a long time? Will I feel good about this? Will I keep up with this when I feel down or emotional? If you can answer these questions with yes, then you know it’s suitable. Another big mistake you shouldn’t make is putting to much pressure on yourself. Don’t set yourself a goal like, I want to lose 8 kilos in a month and step on the scale every single day. Or I must do a workout every day. So, stop doing diets and torment yourself and start making healthy long-term choices.

Don’t eliminate food you love

Don’t elimination certain foods or food groups. Especially the food you love most even when it’s unhealthy food. You don’t have to leave anything out! You can simply eat healthier and limit the unhealthy food. My rule is to eat healthy most of the time but when I’m in the mood for some unhealthy, sugary or fast food I will take it. Because than you can make healthy eating a lifestyle and still can enjoy the food you normally won’t eat. If you’ve no strict lines and restrictions it works much better for your mindset. You can eat everything and still lose weight and living healthy. A healthy lifestyle is more than just healthy eating. It also consists of a good mental health and enough physical activity.

Think and talk positive

Negativity is just a waist of time. It will not bring you what and where you want. And if you think and talk negatively you will radiate that. Rule number one: stop comparing! It’s easy to look at others and think thing like; ‘I wish I looked like her’ or ‘wow, she can do more push ups than me’. These thoughts are not going to help you. A healthy lifestyle is about you! And your journey to be the best you can be. Focus on what you want, what you can and what you think is important. And when you catch yourself on this kind of condescending and negative behavior, then stop and say something positive to yourself like ‘I’m beautiful’ or ‘yes, I did one more push up’. Be happy with yourself and every progress you make, even if it is still so small.