Toast Ideas – Best Toast Toppers for Breakfast or Lunch

Transform your simple toast to a energy boosting and nutritious meal with a couple of my toast ideas. Toast provides you with carbohydrates and fibers and is a good addition to a healthy breakfast or lunch. These 4 toast toppers are super quick and easy to make and are a real taste sensation!

Pate & Pomegranate

Spread your toast with the pate and decorate with the pomegranate. Finish your toast with a pinch of almonds.

toast ideas - best toast toppers

Peanut butter & Apple

This time spread your toast with peanut butter. Use sliced apple as a topping and finish with some cinnamon.

toast ideas - best toast toppers

Hummus & Cucumber

Start with a hummus spread to cover your toast. Decorate with sliced cucumber and finish your toast with a little bit of pepper.

toast ideas - best toast toppers

Apple syrup & Pear

Spread your toast with apple syrup. Cover it with sliced pear and finish with some honey.

toast ideas - best toast toppers


Enjoy your meal! Or in Dutch ‘eet smakelijk’ 😉


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