Not everyone loves to run! I love running, especially the relatively short runs of 5 to 10 km. The common things I hear from people who don’t love running are; It’s boring, I don’t see results or I’ve bad knees. Thankfully, the elusive runner’s high is achievable trough other kind of cardio activities. Upgrade your cardio without running! Here are some ways to get a heart pumping, calorie burning workout other than running.


You don’t need to step into a ring to benefit all the good things that boxing has to offer. Boxing is a lot more than just physical strength and endurance. With a boxing session you also work on your confidence, inner strength and focus. Just try hitting a heavy bag for a few minutes and you’ll quickly see why boxing counts as cardio!

Rope jumping

With a jump rope you can do different kind of workouts. You can simply do rope skipping. But you can also do intervals, some one leg hopping or intense plyometric jumping exercises.


If you love to do longer cardio sessions, then take the wheels! Cycling is a great alternative of running. You can choose the intensity and duration of the training. Choose the terrain you like to have more fun. Mountain biking is more intense and road cycling tends to be more endurance based.

Circuit training

This type of training is known in many forms. Circuit training is a mass concept for all kinds of cardio. It includes popular workouts like Tabata and cross-fit. Circuit training gets your heart rate pumping and you will sweat a lot in a short amount of time. The circuits are usually high intensity and short. Try this workout, it’s a good Tabata workout to start with

So forget running and try something different to upgrade your cardio! Do you do cardio in a different way? Share it by leaving a comment.