30 Min STRONG UPPER BODY & Abs Workout for Women at Home – With Dumbbells

Duration: 30 Minutes
Intensity: 4/5
Type: Strength
Equipment: Heavy Dumbbells, Exercise Mat

Tone and strengthen your UPPER body and ABS with this effective workout. You can easily follow along at home and only need weights like dumbbells or water bottles. Pick a weight that is challenging for you but still allows good form of the exercise. The exercises in this workout will help you to get a better muscle tone and keep your metabolism in check when you are losing weight. So this indirectly helps with consistent fat loss.

We start with a short warm up and end with a cool down. Halfway you will get a short water break before we jump into the second round.

Included exercises:
Set 1
1. Arm raises
2. Bend over rows
3. X-raises
4. Bend over rows
5. Shoulder presses
6. Biceps curls
7. Side raises – pull backs
8. Side bends
9. Front rows
10. Side bends

Set 2
1. Leaning – chest presses
2. Sit ups
3. Triceps extensions
4. Sit ups
5. Overhead ext. – leg lifts
6. Weight shifts
7. Table – triceps extensions
8. Leg drops
9. Table – triceps extensions
10. Sit up – flys