30 Minute UPPER Body Toning and ABS Workout – No Repeating – With Dumbbells

Duration: 30 Minutes
Intensity: 3/5
Type: Toning
Equipment: Light Dumbbells, Exercise Mat

Follow me along at home in this Upper Body Toning and Abs Workout. The workout targets most parts of your upper body giving you a great workout. For the exercises the be most effective you need some kind of light weights like dumbbells or water bottles. You will also need an exercise mat for the ground exercises, or just have a soft floor at home of course.

This workout starts with a short warm up and ends with some stretching. Halfway through the workout you will get a short water break.

Included exercises:
Set 1
1. Front raises
2. Peck deck – shoulder presses
3. Biceps curls
4. Reverse rows
5. Triceps extensions
6. Overhead crunches
7. Side bend repeaters
8. Chop downs
9. High knee drops
10. Body circles

Set 2
1. Overhead triceps extensions
2. Flys
3. Overhead drops
4. Chest presses
5. Small presses
6. Sit back presses
7. Roll ups
8. Figure 8
9. Leg pull ins
10. Core twists