Weightloss Workout Program

Weightloss is the number one reason for people to workout. Therefore I created a so called Weightloss Workout Program. Because many people who want to loose weight are going crazy on the cardio, this program focusses on cardio in combination with toning and strength exercises. Did you know your muscles are a huge factor when it comes to weightloss? Muscles are a big energy consumer, they eat your fat ;).

In this 5 weeks Weightloss Workout Program you work out 5 days a week and every workout is a combo of cardio and strength so you need to have some kind of weights, like dumbbells. I need to say that only doing workout doesn t do the trick. If you want to loose weight you need to pay attention on your diet as well (without crashing your metabolism and calorie counting). If you need more guidance on your weightloss journey than just this program you can become a Patreon VIP member and get personal advice and this program for free.

This Weightloss Workout Program is creatied with workouts that are available on my YouTube channel and is only $3,99. You can purchase this clickable PDF program by clicking on the button below. After you paid, you can immediately download the plan.